Welcome to Maitri Reiki, a holistic healing and wellness practice based in Buffalo, NY.
“Maitri” is a Sanskrit word that means compassion or friendliness with oneself. Reiki is a Japanese technique for deep relaxation, life balance, and healing on all levels. Like other Eastern wellness approaches, such as acupuncture, tai chi, qi gong, and some forms of yoga, reiki works with the human biofield.

For information about how you can benefit from reiki, click here.  For frequently asked questions, including what we know about reiki, what we don’t know, and what it is and isn’t, read our FAQ page. If you’re skeptical, you might be interested in a scientific perspective on reiki, and the available research.

And if you’re not skeptical, be friendly to yourself.  Be compassionate.  Live better: come on in!