Why Reiki?

Why should you try Reiki?

Reiki has a profound and immediate impact on stress levels. It helps alleviate feelings of overwhelm, anxiety, sadness and isolation. It can also provide tremendous benefit to physical health. If any of the following apply to you, Reiki can help. The results may require multiple sessions, but most people experience benefits immediately.

Sleep problems
By alleviating stress and bringing about deep relaxation, Reiki can help you fall asleep more easily, sleep more deeply, and stay asleep. Reiki allows your body (and sometimes teaches your body) to rest and rejuvenate.

Physical pain
In the West, this is one of the most common reasons people turn to Reiki. The effect of Reiki on pain is astounding. Chronic pain can be significantly lessened and often alleviated through regular Reiki sessions, and acute pain responds very quickly.

Digestive disorders
Usually related to (and often caused by) stress and inflammation, disorders of the “gut” can be calmed and healed through Reiki.

Cravings and addictions
In a life in which we rarely feel good throughout our days, trying to stop engaging in a behavior that brings us pleasure or escape is very challenging. Most of us make better choices when we are feeling balanced and completely stress-free. Many people find that Reiki lessens their desire for unhealthy or destructive things, and makes it easier to resist when the desires do appear.  Reiki is fundamentally a balancing, moderating force.

Acute health issues
Viruses and sinus infections persist longer and wreak more havoc on the body when energy is not flowing cleanly throughout our body. Our bodies get kinks in them with use and over time, somewhat like a garden hose, which only works well – and stays clean inside – when the water flows fully and freely. Once your energy is flowing freely, your body can heal itself efficiently and cleanly.

Chronic health conditions
Chronic health problems are a stressor for even the most balanced, grounded person. However well you normally manage your stress, the challenges of disease and dis-ease build up in the body, and often create a stress-symptom cycle, in which living with the condition causes more stress that in turn exacerbates the condition. Reiki can stop that cycle and greatly improve the quality of life of people living with chronic health conditions, and therefore the symptoms of the conditions. In many cases, for reasons described above, Reiki can also help improve the conditions themselves. If you are struggling with allergies, asthma, diabetes, lupus or other auto-immune conditions, or battling long-term illnesses such as cancer, multiple sclerosis or fibromyalgia, Reiki can help you.

Sexual issues
Reiki is both relaxing and intensely energizing. For many people, these are necessary states in order to live consistently sexually satisfying lives. It can help restore feelings of vitality and improve libido. It opens and balances the sacral chakra, which governs sexuality, passion and emotional intensity.

Emotional issues
Reiki helps tremendously with emotional healing. Reiki helps in processing and releasing grief, anger, betrayal and emotional trauma. Most people report feeling better, on very deep levels, with Reiki. Although it is not a one-time fix, especially if you are in a good deal of distress, the improvements usually stay with you for quite some time. In my experience, when working on emotional issues, most people come back to Reiki not to “feel better again,” but to feel even better.

Reiki helps relationships because it helps the people in them. We are all better partners, better parents, better co-workers and better friends when we are not overwhelmed, stressed and angry. Balancing the chakras effectively means that you will be more open-hearted, more likely to give others the benefit of the doubt, more patient, less emotionally withdrawn, less critical and better able to communicate. Regular Reiki sessions can help people become more emotionally aware and insightful, and therefore more honest and authentic in their relationships.

Spiritual exploration
In the West, people who come to Reiki, and many practitioners, tend to focus on healing physical conditions. The Japanese tradition of Usui Reiki views the practice as being about both healing and spirituality. I was trained in this tradition, and I believe that Reiki can (but does not have to) be a powerful tool for spiritual exploration. I wish to be clear, however, that my definition of “spiritual” is “dealing with conscious, incorporeal experience, as opposed to matter.” For some, “spirituality” involves deities. I mean “spiritual” as a regular mindfulness practice, of aspiring to a greater understanding of human consciousness and one’s relationship within and to consciousness.  Reiki can help in these endeavors by clearing the clutter of everyday thoughts and worries, by facilitating new consciousness experiences and sensations and by developing intuition and insight.

Practical benefits
Nearly every way of understanding the world acknowledges the power of the conscious mind to affect change and achieve results. If you study psychology, you may be familiar with a multitude of studies that confirm the power of our thoughts to affect our lives. If you mediate or practice yoga, you may be familiar with affirmations or what people call the “law of attraction.” If you are religious, perhaps you subscribe to the “prosperity principle.” Or maybe you read Dianetics or The Power of Positive Thinking or remember hearing that “believing is receiving.” In the history of the world, most consciousness practices (and many religions) recognize the power of the mind in manifesting the realities we seek. (For more on the power of consciousness, click here.)

The trouble is that it is often difficult to believe in positive outcomes or situations, especially in the face of significant obstacles. Many of the things we think, whether on the surface or at a deeper level, are at odds with what we want. The benefits of Reiki include clearing our consciousness of negative thoughts and feelings that stand in the way of living the life we want to live. This does not mean that Reiki makes your problems go away; it cannot eliminate your debt or make your co-worker a different person. But it can help clear away whatever is stopping you from eliminating your debt, and it can help you respond differently, both internally and externally, to your co-worker. Understood this way, Reiki can be a valuable tool for whatever changes you want to make, from keeping your house clean to arriving to places on time.

For some people, regular Reiki can actually save you money. When I discovered Reiki, I found that I was suddenly spending much less money on nutritional supplements, over-the-counter-medications (and wine). In my family, our bodies were processing and handling everything more efficiently.

I realize that this might sound miraculous. Miracles, however, are merely phenomena that we cannot yet understand in any other way. In time, we will understand the power of consciousness. In the meantime, I insist that Reiki can change your life for the better, on all its levels, if you let it.