The Throat: Vissudha

Most people that I see have at least some trouble with the throat chakra: the right to speak and be heard. Some of us learned as children that what we had to say did not count or did not matter. Some of us retreated into not speaking our mind in adulthood, because of what is has cost us to speak.

Most of us struggle with speaking up. We live in fear of what will happen if they speak – if we speak our minds, our feelings, if we speak wrongly or out of turn, if we pronounce words incorrectly or stammer or stutter.  On the other end of the spectrum – even sometimes on the same day – we talk too much. We chatter incessantly or we overwhelm others with our voices or we don’t stop to listen. When our mouths are closed, we are thinking of what we will say when we open them. We move through the world feeling desperate to be heard.

Not unrelatedly, most people tell lies. We keep secrets. Vissudha – which means “purification” – cannot stay healthy through lies and secrets. We release and clear entire system – achieve purity – through the throat. Less literally, this is the chakra of self-expression, marked by verbal, artistic and creative expression.

People with low energy in the throat chakra may be shy, afraid of speaking, have difficulty telling the truth, or tend toward keeping their thoughts to themselves. Excessive energy in the fifth chakra is related to not really listening to others, interrupting and talking too much or too loudly.

Physical symptoms associated with throat chakra issues include: TMJ and jaw problems, thyroid problems, Hashimoto’s disease, dental problem, shoulder pain or inflexibility and tendency to sore throats and laryngitis.