The Brow: Ajna

Ajna – the brow chakra – is often called the “third eye,” because it is about vision. It relates not only to physical sight, but to insight and intuition. A healthy sixth chakra ensures that we are not in denial, refusing to see reality, or missing the “big picture.”

People who continually make the same mistakes or who are attached to illusions that prevent them from seeing reality are often people whose sixth chakra is out of balance. Being unable or unwilling to envision your future, picture the change you want, establish a vision for yourself, or generally suffering from a lack of imagination all suggest an underactive or blocked sixth chakra. Think about the things you say to yourself: if you feel stuck and cannot see a way out, or see another solution, or see the point of what you are doing (of if others insist that you’re blind), this is the language of Ajna. In addition, sometimes indecisiveness or self-doubt is really the failure to recognize or trust a feeling or intuition; if you don’t see or trust your inclinations without a lot of analysis, this may also be related to your sixth chakra.

Ajna excesses manifest as ignoring evidence from the physical world, confusing faith or hope with reality, frequent daydreaming or living in fantasy at the expense of living in reality. Fuzzy or delusional thinking, hallucinations, jitteriness, and feeling loopy or spacey can all be related to an overactive third eye.

Physical symptoms that are associated with Ajna include learning disabilities, panic attacks, depression, addiction, migraines or frequent headaches, sinus problems and earaches.