The Solar Plexus: Manipura

Manipura – the solar plexus chakra – is the physical center of the body. It is your power center. It is your fire. It is associated with the right to act; taking action and steering your life where you want it to go. If you’re drifting along, having trouble translating your desires into action or you lack drive or ambition or fire, working with the third chakra will help. Because power is directly related to risk, problems taking action are intertwined with fear of risk; if you always play it safe, better energy flow in this chakra will help achieve more balanced life. It is also related to joy and optimism; people often cannot take action if they cannot envision positive outcomes or expect happiness. Manipura deficiencies would be reflected in passivity, low energy, lack of confidence, risk-aversion, aloofness or coldness, and a lack of spontaneity and humor.

Conversely, when the third chakra is overactive, people may lean toward excessive drive and ambition and hyperactivity. If you are always busy, always needing to accomplish things, or you tend toward bossiness and competitiveness, your power center – your drive – may be excessive.
A balanced solar plexus chakra leaves us feeling good about ourselves and our ability to take action. We are confident and able to take steps toward our goals without bulldozing or focusing on our goals at the expense of the rest of our lives. When our third chakra is balanced, we feel warmth towards others, and we are energetic, playful and spontaneous.

The emotional threat to the third chakra is shame. Third chakra problems are associated with internal dialogues, experiences and messages about being bad (or not good enough), humiliation and embarrassment. If you move through the world being afraid of being unmasked as inadequate, and having to choose between giving up or overcompensating, your Manipura needs balance. Associated physical issues include digestive troubles, diabetes, fatigue problems, and gut inflammation problems such as allergies and auto-immune problems.