Fall 2016 Classes at Maitri Reiki

Maitri Reiki Fall Semester at the HEAT Center

At a glance:

9/18: Autobiography and the Chakras
10/16: Energy Work for Women
10/21: Third Eye 101: Working with Oracle Cards
11/12 & 11/13: Reiki Certification 1 & 2
11/20: Instant Calm: A Survey of Immediate Relaxation Techniques
11/21- 12/5: Stressbuster Series


Preregister either by cash, check, credit card in person, or by using your bank account to send PayPal payment to  The deadline for preregistration is one week before the first class date.

Please note: Class tuition does not include any PayPal fees. There is no fee for using PayPal with your bank account or PayPal balance. If you are using a credit card, please either choose the option to pay the fee, or add $3 to your payment for $45 classes and $12 to your payment for Reiki 1 & 2.

Energy Work for Women
Sunday, October 16th, 3-6pm
Class fee: $45

This hands-on seminar focuses specifically on energetic and wellness challenges for women. We discuss the interplay between gender and major energetic issues:

being (and staying!) “grounded” – what that means and what it costs us to be ungrounded
movement – different levels of “movement” and its role in women’s lives
relationships among power, action and self-expression
issues with love, forgiveness, bitterness and anger
self-trust and decision-making
anxiety and the pursuit of knowledge

The class also provides:
an introductory overview of core aspects of the seven major chakras
an introduction to relevant ideas in gender and feminist theory
in-class meditation and reflection
practical tips and advice for staying grounded, empowered, and knowing and speaking one’s mind

Please wear comfortable clothing and bring a notebook and pad or pen for note-taking and journaling. If you use a meditation pillow or mat, please bring it with you, along with a bottle of water.

Third Eye 101: Working with Oracle Cards
Friday, October 21st, 5:30-8:30pm
Class fee: $45

In this fun, intimate workshop, we explore the idea and development of “the third eye.” Unpacking the various cultural meanings of the word “intuition,” we discuss how to “find” and identify our third eye, develop it, trust it, and act on it. This is a hands-on class, with a good deal of practice in interpretation, finding connections, meaning-making, and observing and understanding language and symbols. We will work with over ten different oracle decks – and feel free to bring your own!

Reiki Certification 1 & 2
Saturday, November 12th, & Sunday, November 13th, 12-7pm
Class fee $325

Instant Calm: A Survey of Immediate-Relaxation Techniques
Sunday, November 20th, 3-5:30pm
Class fee: $45

Never succumb to stressors again! Learn dozens of techniques from ten different wellness practices for handling stressful moments and situations and how to identify your personal stress characteristics and therefore choose the best solution. This hands-on workshop will help you to approach stress as a change in your vibration; all the techniques will be things you can do immediately and quickly when you need them. This class will equip you with skills that will change your life – for the much more peaceful!

We will learn and practice multiple quick-relaxation techniques from:

Crystal Healing
Sound therapy
Visualization and imagery
Rhythm therapy

Stressbuster Series
November 21st-December 12th (Mondays)
Class tuition: $45 for series, $20 per individual class

Just in time for finals and the holiday crunch! Take just one hour for yourself on Monday nights for this four-part series. Each week we will banish the seasonal stress together, to bring an end to 2016 feeling balanced, grounded and joyful.

11/21 – Stretch Away the Stress
11/28 – Laughter Yoga
12/5 – Chakra Chanting
12/12 – Guided Meditation Trip