Reiki is based on the body’s natural ability to heal itself. It is a gentle, hands-on (but it can be hands-off if you prefer) technique that alleviates stress, promotes relaxation, healing, and reduces pain.

Because the benefits of reiki are multiple and varied, I offer six different reiki experiences, depending on client goals.  All in-person sessions are 60-minutes from start to finish.

Standard Reiki Session ($55)

My standard reiki session is a hands-on technique for deep relaxation and to facilitate healing on all levels. (All sessions can also be conducted hands-off if you prefer.) (For information on exactly what a reiki session is like, please see our FAQ page.)  Reiki is powerful and effective all by itself!

Targeted Healing Sessions ($55)

Targeted sessions focus intensively on one or two specific areas of the body in order to direct energetic attention and flow to particular problems, issues or challenges. Targeted healing sessions are best for acute and localized issues.

Element Experience ($65)

These sessions (Earth, Fire, Water, Air) use additional modalities along with reiki for increased relaxation, energy balancing, and more profound sensory, emotional and spiritual experiences. They provide all of the benefits of Reiki, including helping to restore balance to energy centers in the body. These Maitri Reiki signature sessions incorporate sound therapy, aromatherapy and crystal work, and providing a more luxurious multi-sensory spa experience.

For detailed descriptions and specific goals of element experiences, please click here.

Chakra Feedback Sessions ($70)

These sessions add in-depth intuitive feedback about your energetic health and wellness, as well as concrete suggestions to deal with concerns that may arise.  They are ideal for clients who are facing chronic difficulties or obstacles, looking to develop their own intuitive and introspective abilities, or simply seeking to learn more about themselves.

Relationship Healing Sessions ($70 per person)

A relationship healing session combines reiki and in-depth intuitive feedback to a couple or group.  By focusing on energetic and overall wellness of each person in the relationship, it offers an alternative way of looking at relationship challenges and obstacles.   Each person receives an individual standard reiki session, one after the other, followed by a joint feedback session that allows clients to understand relationship dynamics in the context of what is going on for each of them energetically.  Relationship healing sessions are powerful and can generate important insights and effective solutions.

Distance Sessions ($40)

I also offer distance sessions for out-of-area clients.  (I know.  I know.  No one was more skeptical than I was.  Try it and see.)  Distance sessions are 40-45 minutes.

Package deals:

Standard 3-pack: Save by paying in advance for three basic sessions: $130 for a $165 value! (Sessions must be completed within one year of purchase date.)

Element or Chakra 3-pack: Purchase three element/chakra sessions (in any combination) in advance and save $35! Get three element experiences for $160 (normally $195). Choose the particular experience you want anytime before the day of the appointment. (Sessions must be completed within one year of purchase date.)

Referral program:

Get a free session for every two friends you refer! Just tell your friends to drop your name when they come for their appointments, and your next session is free.

Payment Methods

We accept cash, credit cards and Paypal. To use Paypal, please choose the “send money to friends or family” option, and email payment using a bank account or balance to  (When using a credit card via PayPal, please add the 3% fee.)