Element Experiences

Element packages (Earth, Fire, Water, Air) use additional modalities along with reiki for increased relaxation, energy balancing, and more profound sensory, emotional and spiritual experiences.

Element experiences provide all of the benefits of Reiki, including helping to restore balance to energy centers in the body.  These Maitri Reiki signature sessions also focus intensively on particular areas, incorporating sound therapy, aromatherapy and crystal work.

For detailed descriptions and specific goals of element experiences, please click on the pages below.

Earth Experience

Reiki session with stabilizing and grounding essential oils, incense, crystals and music, with emphasis on lower-body energy center.

Earth Experience can help with:

– anxiety and irrational fear
– feeling sluggish
– resistance to change
– forgetfulness
– chronic health issues

Fire Experience

Reiki session with inspiring and igniting essential oils, incense, crystals and music. Fire Experience can help, in particular, with:

– poor digestion
– excessive mood swings
– muscle stiffness
– passivity
– controlling behaviors or impulses

Water Experience

Reiki session with cleansing, detoxifying and renewing essential oils, incense, crystals and music.

Water Experience can help with:

– loneliness
– asthma or chronic bronchitis
– upper back or shoulder pain
– thyroid trouble
– feeling critical or intolerant

Air Experience

Reiki session with uplifting, lightening, opening essential oils, incense, crystals and music to balance energies, with a focus on the head.
Air Experience can especially help with:

– Frequent headaches
– Nightmares
– Difficulty concentrating or fuzzy-brain
– Living “in your head”
– Easily frustrated
– Tight or inflexible muscles