Distance Sessions

Even during my training, distance Reiki was where I drew the line. By that point I was convinced that there was something to energy work – in person. The distance thing, however, must be nonsense, I knew.

I can’t tell you how it works, again because we don’t yet understand how energy and consciousness relate to one another, let alone their relationships to time and space. I hope that in the next several decades, we will. In the meantime, all I can do is insist, albeit somewhat awkwardly, that it does. Try me.  In fact, if you’re curious but not sure you want to pay for a full session, email me to schedule a brief sample session – for free!

My distance sessions involve a brief phone or email conversation before the actual appointment. During the session, you will need to have quiet time to yourself, be lying or sitting, relaxed and doing nothing else. After the session, we will talk again. Distance sessions include 30 minutes of Reiki and about 10-15 minutes for feedback afterwards.